Helping the College of Organisational Psychologists get its thinking straight.

Client: COPWA (College of Organisational Psychologists – Western Australia)

Situation: COPWA had been operating in a relatively ad-hoc way for some time, but the organisation was keen to clarify its purpose and brand, with a view to raising its profile and playing a more influential role in Western Australia’s thriving business sector.

Brief: Work with the COPWA board to clarify and communicate the essence of the COPWA brand, providing the messaging framework the organisation needs to move forward and successfully engage with different audiences, from students to business leaders.

Deliverables: Our freelance copywriters developed a new vision statement, mission statement, values framework and clearly defined brand voice and consumer value propositions (CVPs) for COPWA’s key audiences, along with a tagline to act as a platform for all messaging and communications, internally and externally. 

Thanks for all your effort. I really feel like we have a much clearer way forward.
— Domenic Marzano, College of Organisational Psychologists Western Australia