Searching for freelance copywriters in Sydney?

You’re spoilt for choice. Type ‘copywriters in Sydney’ into Google and you’ve got a smorgasbord of freelance copywriting talent to choose from. In fact, we've referred prospective clients to our peers in Sydney (excellent copywriters like Glenn Murray and Kate Toon). But not always. Sometimes, a Sydney address isn’t the most important factor.

You need a copywriter with more than a Sydney postcode.

You wouldn’t choose a physio or doctor or surgeon based on their proximity to your office, and the same applies to copywriters.

Sure, we’re not talking about your health, but we are talking about the wellbeing of your brand and business. And sure, some projects benefit from having a local copywriter who can come in for face-to-face meetings, but Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts mean this really isn’t a big issue anymore.

Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne or Woop Woop, it’s your copywriter’s ability, experience and personality that are most important. If you choose a copywriter who’s a bad fit, it’s going to be a painful experience for everyone.

How do you know you’ve got the right copywriter?

There are no hard and fast rules, but as a bare minimum we’d recommend asking a prospective copywriter for:

  • Some relevant examples of their work
  • A clear outline of their briefing process
  • A timeline for your project, with a contingency for revisions

The answers to these questions are important, but it’s just as important to use this exchange to gauge the copywriter’s personality. It’s vital that you feel comfortable with their personality, as well as their capabilities.

We’re not in Sydney, but we are here for you.

If you’ve got a phone and an internet connection, then you’ve got everything you need to work with our freelance copywriters.

Yes, our copywriters are based in Perth, but we’ve worked with clients all over Australia and beyond, from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, to Auckland, Hong Kong, Mumbai and London.

So get in touch. Ask us some questions. You might find the best copywriters in Sydney aren’t in Sydney at all.


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