A new brand blueprint to give ITS more traction across Australia.

Client: ITS (now Traxion), Australia

Situation: ITS was a big rail engineering, infrastructure, operations and logistics solutions provider, but had evolved and grown over time through organismic growth and acquisition. It meant the group was a loosely connected family of linked but distinct businesses.

Brief: Create a new brand name and messaging framework, and all associated marketing materials, with a view to creating a united culture internally and a united front for the market, both underpinning an integrated, nationwide service offering.

Deliverables: Our copywriters developed a new brand name, new vision statement, new mission, new tagline, new values and a new brand voice, applied to all new marketing materials, including a new website and brochures. Kudos again to the branding team at Luminosity.

The response from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone is very much on board with our new identity. Externally, we’ve also had great feedback.
— Jessica Wilson, Executive Assistant, Traxion

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