Who are we? Why are we here? Without wanting to get too existential about it, we’re Caboodle. We’re copywriters. Message designers. Creative directors. Brand storytellers.

Caboodle is, first and foremost, an award-winning freelance copywriting team. You can find out more about our copywriting services and our head copywriters here. But we’re more than just words-people. With extensive experience and contacts spanning the advertising, marketing and branding spectrum – here in Australia and the UK – we advise our clients on everything, from ad campaigns, through to message design, brand naming and branding. So, yes, we’re copywriters, but we’re more than that, too.

Ten need-to-know facts about Caboodle.

We don’t like bigging ourselves up. We tend to let our clients do that for us. But you're here on our ‘Who we are’ page – we need to tell you something. So, here (in no particular order) are some need-to-know Caboodle facts:

  1. We’re as happy working for big brands – think Harrods, Tourism WA, HIF – as start-ups. 
  2. We can work in partnership with your agency, or directly with you. We’re easy like that.
  3. We’ve won our fair share of awards, but winning hearts and minds is more important to us.
  4. Our head freelance copywriters have almost two decades of industry experience. Each.
  5. We know* lots of people in the creative and digital industries.
  6. Our network means we can help you manage all of your marketing and branding activities.
  7. We believe in charging fairly and transparently, based purely on our time (unlike some we could mention – yes, we're looking at you Mr Big Ad Agency).
  8. We offer pro bono and discounted copywriting services for charities.
  9. We’re always happy to talk. No obligation.
  10. We like cheese. And chocolate.

*Not in the biblical sense.

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