Our freelance copywriters have everything covered, including Australia.

Over the years, our freelance copywriters have provided our full range of copywriting services to clients across Australia and overseas; from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia, to Hong Kong, Mumbai, Auckland and London, the list goes on.

Why is our international copywriting experience important?

On one hand, it proves that we know our stuff – our clients don’t consider geography and time zones a barrier to engaging us. In fact, once we have a working relationship, it’s no different to working with clients in our native Perth.

But just as importantly, it also proves that working remotely makes sense, often saving time and money for our clients.

No time-consuming face-to-face meetings. No overheads for a local office. Just less wasted time and more expertise and experience for your money.

How does it work?

Thanks to the interweb, remote working with our freelance copywriters in Perth  is a doddle.

If you’ve got a phone and email, we might as well be up the road. With a Skype video call, we’re literally sitting in front of you.

And we’re always happy to discuss the finer points of our copywriting (and remote working) capabilities. No charge. No hard sell. No obligation.

Are you 'over east' and looking for a local copywriter?

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How often will you meet them face-to-face? Chances are, it won’t be that often, if ever. And if you do, you’ll be paying for their time.

Generally, you’ll be dealing with them on the phone, via email or on Skype or Google Hangouts. And that means they could be on a beach in Bali, in a café in Paris, or sitting in a Perth office in sunny Western Australia.

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