From website and
SEO copywriting... flyers, DM and
brochure content... the whole
kit and caboodle.
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What exactly do our freelance copywriters do? Good question.


We put ourselves in your shoes. Not literally, obviously. We get inside the heads of your clientele. Then we bring your brand to life with words that communicate your brand, resonate with your audience and motivate them to take action. And we do all that across:

  • Websites, SEO and online marketing

  • Brochures, flyers and direct mail

  • Press and poster advertising campaigns

  • TV, video and radio script writing

  • Advertorials and editorial articles

  • Corporate and annual reports

  • Brand development and management

  • Employer branding and marketing

In short, we do pretty much everything. Except nudity. We don't do nudity. Usually.

Find out about our award-winning copywriting team and freelance copywriters based in Australia. Explore our copywriting services. Or check out our copywriting portfolio.


Characters of the Kimberley Wins Gold.

Award winning website copywriting for Australia's North WestWe’re so chuffed to see the Characters of the Kimberley campaign win GOLD in the Western Australian Tourism Awards! Our copywriters have been involved since day-one, helping Australia’s North West bring all their characters to life online. Take a look at the award winning campaign.



New name, brand voice, tagline, mission, vision and copy for Traxion. 

ENJO Austraia logo

What's better than a nice juicy copywriting project that includes website content, brochure copy, ads and more? Developing the brand position and voice first. Read how we rebuilt the Traxion Australia brand (formerly ITS) from the ground up with Luminosity.


Why our copywriters had to think small for Australia's biggest state.

Copywriting for Tourism Western Australia onlineShrinking a website the size of to fit a mobile-friendly format was no easy task. Discover how our copywriters crammed 2.5 million square kilometres of extraordinariness into just a few pithy pages for Tourism Western Australia’s mobile site.



Turning up the copywriting heat for Australia's top digital marketing firm.

Digital marketing company Bonfire came to us through Luminosity for the copy for their new website. It had to be search engine friendly, obviously. But it also had to position Bonfire as the VW of digital marketing firms in Australia. See how our freelance website copywriters responded to the brief.

Finding HIF's brand voice and a better way to engage customers.

Website content, brochure copywriting and more for the Health Insurance Fund of AustraliaFrom brochures and member communications (emails, letters, direct mail), through to a complete online and website copywriting overhaul. Find out how our freelance copywriters brought HIF’s brand to life for customers across Australia, and the difference it made to HIF’s bottom line.

Telling Kaya's compelling story through... well, stories.


A website is more than just an online brochure. It should bring your brand's story to life for your audience. That’s what our freelance copywriters did for Kaya Consulting in Australia. Take a look at Kaya’s story-telling website content.


Building the brand and crafting copy for Mint Real Estate.

Mint advertising and marketing copywritingWe love creating brands at Caboodle. Especially when we get to build one from the ground up, starting with the business name. That’s what we did with Luminosity for Mint, the new Perth real estate agency with plans for Australia-wide domination. Find out about our copywriters' brand-building challenge

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