Why choose our website copywriters? Because we get it. All of it. Site planning. SEO. Copywriting. Which adds up to a website that works. Hard.


On the face of it, website content is easy. It's copywriting. It's just words. Except it isn't.

It's the art of brand storytelling and selling. It's also the science of SEO, CRO and UX. It's a heady mish-mash of elements, each of which can make or break your site. And the good news is, our website copywriters in Perth get it.


What do we do as website copywriters?
As much (or little) as you need.

Take a look at our website copywriting portfolio - no two projects are the same, so the scope of work and quote we'll create for you will be tailored to suit your requirements.

That's why our website copywriters always start the web copywriting process with a no-obligation consultation:

#1: Scope

First, we’ll spend a bit of time getting to know you and what you want to achieve with your website. And it doesn't matter where you are in Australia - whether you're in Perth (our home) and want to catch-up in person, or over east and want to talk on the phone or Skype - it's free.

Ideally, you'd engage our copywriters at the beginning of your project, so we can help you plan your site, and even your SEO and digital marketing strategy. But if you've already developed your site, our website copywriters will gladly pick up the copywriting ball and run with it.

#2: Quote

Once we've scoped your project, we’ll give you a proposal document and quote.

From experience, web projects tend to fall into one of three website copywriting categories, but we'll tailor our services and quote to suit you and your budget.

We'll provide a cost range for every element you require, including a per-page copywriting range that includes your on-page content and all the standard meta bells and whistles Google likes to see.

#3: Brief

Each briefing is different – sometimes we take the brief verbally, sometimes via briefing forms. There are pros and cons with each approach, so we may even combine the two.

So, again, we'll tailor our briefing process to suit you.

#4: Copywriting

We leave you in peace (for now) and turn our attention to the challenge at hand, whether we're starting with planning your website (your information architecture, or IA), or diving straight into copywriting.

How long will it take? It depends on the size of your website, but we're usually able to get the full first draft of your website content to our clients in 3-5 weeks.

#5: Revisions

All of our quotes include at least one round of revisions, so once we've completed the first full draft of your web copy, we'll send it to you for your feedback.

Once again, we'll tailor the revision process to suit you. Sometimes we ask for written feedback, other times it's quicker (and therefore more cost effective) to take feedback on the phone.

#6: Sign off

If, between us, we get the briefing right, you can expect your website copy to be finalised and ready to go after one round of revisions - most of our website copywriting projects are completed with just one round of amendments. But if it takes longer - perhaps because the goal posts have moved - we won't stop until you’re happy to sign-off the final draft.


That's our website copywriters' process.
Now check out the results.


Ready to get the ball rolling?

Then contact our copywriters in Perth to discuss your website project - it's free. Alternatively, find out more about what our website copywriters do, then check out the proof in our website copywriting portfolio.