Turning inspiration into a value proposition for a Perth travel agency.

Client: Globetrotter Lifestyle, courtesy of Luminosity.

Situation: As part of the brand realignment project for Globetrotter Corporate Travel, which we undertook with Perth branding and marketing firm Luminosity, our copywriters helped develop Globetrotter’s secondary travel agency brand – Globetrotter Lifestyle, the group’s private travel agency business.

Deliverables: The challenge was to create a distinct yet complementary brand, positioning the Globetrotter Lifestyle business as the inspirational travel agency for travellers who want more from their travel agent and holidays.

We had to create a messaging platform that harnesses the business-travel value propositions we created for the Corporate brand, but with a twist for the general public.

Once again, we started with the tagline:

Feed your wanderlust.

…a line designed to set an inspirational tone and the messaging platform for the brand.

From there, our copywriters moved on to writing the new Globetrotter Lifestyle website.

Result: With a distinctive look and brand voice that allude to the Corporate brand, but set Lifestyle apart – from its sister business and the competition – the new Globetrotter Lifestyle website will inspire travellers.

Read our copywriters' work on the Globetrotter Lifestyle website

Read our copywriters' work on the Globetrotter Lifestyle website