Giving a major new not-for-profit brand a new voice and story.

Client: St John of God Community Services

Situation: St John of God Health Care is a brand that’s synonymous with hospital treatment and care across Australia, but there’s much more to the organisation than its respected hospitals.

In fact, as a not-for-profit organisation, St John of God Health Care has a proud history of allocating a sizeable percentage of its revenue to fund a host of community outreach services. All free or low cost. All supporting vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised people in the community.

Following a major organisational restructure designed to combine and consolidate St John of God’s community outreach services, with a view to supporting more people in need across the country, our copywriters were engaged to help tell the new Community Services division’s story.

Deliverables: The restructuring initiative brought together a diverse, sometimes overlapping but often disparate group of social outreach and disability services. Each service had been operating for some time, so the challenge was to create a new narrative for the newly formed division.

Community Services needed an integrated, compelling story that would help nurture a sense of identity for all employees operating under the new Community Services banner and equip the division to engage with new partners and donors more effectively.

We began by helping the St John of God team create a new messaging platform for the Community services brand and the services within the division, from taglines and purpose statements, through to value propositions that services could use to articulate their value to the outside world.

Then, with the messaging platform in place, we set about creating the first Community Services impact report – a major publication presenting St John of God’s myriad community outreach services together for the first time, complete with a new, more emotionally engaging brand voice.

Click to view the report.

Result: The Community Services 2018 impact report marks an exciting first step for St John of God Community Services. It has been widely embraced and welcomed, both within the organisation and outside.

What’s more, the new reader-focused brand voice – a departure from the norm for St John of God Health Care – has set the tone for a more personal, emotional and compelling approach to storytelling in the future.

"Paul helped us transform our messaging to be more client focused and supported us to deliver our first impact report. His skill, guidance and influence helped shape the project and drive its success."
Rachael Micallef-Jones | Marketing and PR Manager
Social Outreach
St John of God Health Care

Here’s a small selection of spreads from the report. Check out some of the moving stories.

Kudos to the St John of God team for undertaking such a major organisational and communication challenge. Props also to AF Creative for the design.

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