Creating that VW-style spark for Bonfire’s brand and award-winning marketing.

Creating that VW-style spark for Bonfire’s brand and award-winning marketing

Client: Bonfire, Australia

Situation: Bonfire is one of Australia’s most experienced SEO, PPC and digital marketing companies, and had recently begun a rebranding process to set the business up for a new era of growth and diversification.

Brief: Define a brand voice for the new Bonfire that would help differentiate the company and its offering in an increasingly crowded and competitive market filled with challenger and pretender brands that lack Bonfire’s experience and credibility.

Deliverables: Our copywriters working with Bonfire and our friends at Luminosity to develop a new brand voice, then applied to marketing materials, including the new Bonfire website and brochure.

Outcome: The brand voice our copywriting team developed and applied to the Bonfire's website and brochure played a key role in the successful rollout of the new Bonfire branding and marketing suite, striking a VW-like tone that immediately sets Bonfire apart.

Awards: The website went on to win the national award in the Commercial website category at The Australian Web Awards, while the brochure also won the Visual Communication category at the Design Industry of Australia (DIA) Awards.


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