Creating a tasty brand appetiser for a Perth entrepreneur.

Client: Savvy Belly

Situation: After suffering with poor health for years, Perth mum Tracie McDougall finally nailed down a diagnosis for her condition, along with a treatment plan, which centred on a restrictive diet. But Tracie found that, once diagnosed, there was little help for people who have to find a way to live with strict, often onerous dietary restrictions.

Being an engineer and problem-solver by nature, Tracie applied herself to the challenge of finding a way to not only live with her new diet, but actively enjoy it. And in doing so, she decided to set up a new support service for people who, struggling to deal with medically prescribed dietary restrictions, might otherwise have to endure rather enjoy food.

Deliverables: Our copywriters worked with our design partners at Tandem in Perth to help Tracie build her new start-up business and brand from scratch.

After helping Tracie settle on a name for her new enterprise – Savvy Belly – we put the branding and messaging foundations in place for the new brand’s soft launch, from tagline to brochure copywriting to website content (read more about our website copywriting project for Savvy Belly).

Tagline: Get that good gut feeling
Read the new brochure, written by our copywriters.

Read the new brochure, written by our copywriters.

Result: Savvy Belly’s soft-launch brochure sets the tone for Tracie’s new business and brand, breaking down Tracie’s expertise and mission into bite-sized parts (pun intended) so the Savvy Belly brand story is both engaging and easy to digest (ditto).

“My business is a new business so had no brand identity to start with. It was just an idea. What I love about working with Paul is I feel like he gets my business, that he is part of the extended team and is invested in the outcome as much as I am. He takes the garble of words and messages and ideas that I come up with and turns it into content that has meaning and value for my customers. He doesn’t do this once or twice, but every single time. And he gets it right, the first time. Paul is truly amazing and so great to work with.”
Tracie McDougall, founder, Savvy Belly

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