Introducing the new Perth Hills Armadale Regional Guide.

Client: City of Armadale (CoA)

Situation: The Perth Hills and Armadale region often gets overshadowed by some of Perth’s more famous regions and tourism hubs, but is, in fact, a vibrant melting pot of cultural events and attractions.

It's fair to say there’s something for everyone in the Perth Hills Armadale region.

Deliverables: Working with our friends at branding and marketing firm Anthologie, our copywriters developed a concept and original content for the new Perth Hills Armadale Regional Guide that tells the region’s story in a way that engages different people with a host of different interests.

Click to read the guide.

Click to read the guide.

Result: The new guide not only looks great (props to Anthologie), but also positions the Perth Hills Armadale region as a vibrant, diverse destination, right on Perth’s doorstep. It sets the tone for CoA’s local and national tourism marketing and turns the region’s story into one that connects on a personal level with visitors spanning the demographic spectrum. 

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