A new name and message for Riding for the Disabled WA.

Client: HorsePower (formerly Riding for the Disabled WA)

Situation: With centres across Perth and Western Australia, Riding for the Disabled WA (RDAWA) had been providing a range of therapeutic services for people with disabilities and their families for over 40 years, and with great success. But the RDAWA team found that their charity’s name and, in turn, their messaging and marketing were limiting their team of specialist coaches, therapists, staff and volunteers.

For a start, RDAWA’s diverse client base included people and families living with mental health and wellbeing conditions that don’t fit neatly under the outdated term ‘disabilities’.

And far from simply offering horse-riding sessions, RDAWA had developed a range of horse-related activities. Services ranged from walking and caring for horses, to carriage riding and specialist hippotherapy sessions (using the three-dimensional movement of horse-riding to transform the health and capabilities of clients living with physical disabilities).

Deliverables: Our friends at Perth branding and marketing agency Key2Creative asked our copywriters to help realign the RDAWA brand.

We started with a whole heap of community engagement and research, with surveys and workshops for clients, their families and the organisation’s state-wide family of staff and volunteers.

Armed with the intel from our workshops and surveys, we then worked on developing a new name and brand messaging platform for RDAWA, followed by a new suite of brochures for clients, volunteers and corporate partners.

Result: After a two-stage name development process and extensive liaison with the RDAWA exec team, we landed on the new name HorsePower – a suitably positive and empowering name that sets the tone for a new era of service delivery and empowerment under the NDIS.

We then developed a suite of customer value propositions (CVPs), forming the basis for a new way of talking about the life-changing care and solutions the charity provides for people with diverseabilities, which we expanded upon in a new set of brochures.


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