Making Australia’s NRAS property investment proposition a whole lot easier.

Client: Quantum Property Partners

Situation: Australia’s National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) presents property investors with an exciting proposition – the chance to invest in property with the peace of mind of a government-backed investment incentive scheme.

But it’s a scheme and incentive shrouded in mystery and confusion.

As NRAS specialists, Quantum cuts through the complexities of the scheme. With Quantum, property investors – novices and veterans alike – are able to invest in NRAS properties with confidence, sure in the knowledge they’ll get the best from NRAS.

Deliverables: Perth branding agency Luminosity asked us to help define and execute Quantum’s unique proposition, employing an everyday tone of voice and clear, compelling language to explain what Quantum does and engage with would-be NRAS investors.

Our copywriters developed a suite of copywriting for Quantum, including a sales brochure and website.


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