Helping the Globetrotter travel agency move up in the world.

Client: Globetrotter Corporate Travel, courtesy of Luminosity.

Situation: Globetrotter Corporate Travel is a firmly established leader in Australia’s corporate travel market.

More than a travel agency for business clients, Globetrotter is a corporate travel partner, providing all the advice, services, systems and solutions organisations need, minimising the cost of corporate travel programs, while elevating the travel experience for business travellers.

But while Globetrotter had built up an enviable reputation over the years, the brand had become a little tired – Globetrotter’s branding, positioning and messaging didn’t reflect the dynamic nature of the business.

Deliverables: We were engaged by Perth marketing and branding agency Luminosity to help with the messaging and copywriting on a complete branding and marketing overhaul for Globetrotter.

This started with a series of briefing sessions, during which we helped define the brand’s consumer value proposition (CVP) and brand voice – the bedrock for the messaging and copywriting to follow.

Next, we wrote Globetrotter’s new tagline:

Move up in the world.

…a line designed to set an aspirational tone and the platform for a suite of marketing and website copy that would elevate the brand.

With this foundational work in place, we set about writing a new brochure, proposal document, PowerPoint presentation deck and LinkedIn content. But the centrepiece for the rejuvenated brand was the new Globetrotter Corporate website.

Result: The new Globetrotter branding and marketing materials look stunning, setting the brand apart from the competition in Australia, just as Globetrotter’s services and solutions do.

Click to read our website copywriting for Globetrotter.

Click to read our website copywriting for Globetrotter.

What happened next? See how we took the new Globetrotter brand on a new journey, creating a sister brand for the group's private travel agency business - Globetrotter Lifestyle, with it's own tagline and website.