Helping one of Perth’s top IT companies find their messaging mojo.

Client: Office Solutions IT

The situation: Office Solutions IT is a busy IT support company based in Perth, but these guys aren’t your average IT geeks. They’ve got it all. IT smarts. Business know-how. Tailored, brand-agnostic IT solutions. They even make the business of making your IT work harder (so you don’t have to) feel painless. Enjoyable too. Yes, enjoyable!

The only problem? The Office Solutions IT team was struggling to communicate exactly how good they are – all the value they provide for organisations.

The solution: Our copywriters sat down with the Office Solutions IT team to discover exactly what makes them the IT support provider of choice for so many organisations in Perth.

Then, we crafted some customer value propositions (CVPs, if you enjoy an acronym) that will form the basis of their ‘IT to smile about’ messaging moving forward, creating a distinctive brand voice in the process.

“Paul writes eloquently what we’re trying to say but can’t quite put down on paper. He’s great to work with and provides a fantastic service. What more can I say? Paul just gets us.” James Sutton, Managing Director, Office Solutions IT, Perth

It’s early days, but our new messaging platform has already been used to create some remarketing banner ads and AdWords ads, and the new OSIT brand voice and messaging will be making its way to other marketing channels soon. 

Read more about our message design know-how – from taglines to CVPs to vision statements – then contact our freelance copywriters to find out how we can help you find your messaging mojo.