When a client likes your messaging work so much, they can’t decide.

Client: Capital Partners

Situation: Capital Partners has been providing financial planning and wealth management advice for savvy clients in Perth since 1999. Not the kind of advice you heard about during the Banking Royal Commission. The good kind. The kind that changes people’s lives for the better.

Their fee-based, evidence-based model and proprietary Wealth Map put each client’s values and best interests at the heart of everything. It means the Capital Partners team is free to help clients navigate the confusing world of retirement planning, investments and insurance without fear or favour.

The result: wealth solutions that enable clients to achieve their life goals, safe in the knowledge they have the right financial products and investments at every stage of life.

It’s a beautiful thing.

However, the Capital Partners website and all their associated marketing materials – a mish-mash of dated and muddled messaging – wasn’t so beautiful.

Deliverables: At the request of our friends at brand and digital agency BirdBrain, our copywriters were engaged to bring clarity and a more mature, sophisticated tone to Capital Partners’ messaging, with the ultimate goal of writing a new suite of marketing materials and a whole new website.

After a series of deep-dive briefing sessions, we started laying the foundations for a new, smart and sassy Economist-style brand voice and messaging platform. Initially, this consisted of a suite of sample headlines (providing a flavour of the Economist-esque brand voice) and a choice of taglines for the Capital Partners team to consider.

Result: The messaging exploration was a hit with the Capital Partners team. So much so, that the team had trouble choosing a tagline.

Eventually, a decision was made, with a duo of taglines chosen for different scenarios:

Brand values/positioning bias:
Enrich. Enjoy. Live.

Marketing bias:
Life conversations. Wealth solutions.

As for the other taglines and the suite of taster headlines, well, many of them were so popular with the Capital Partners team that they wanted to see them in their brand storytelling, like here in this blog article:

One of our sample headlines became a blog post.

One of our sample headlines became a blog post.

But more about the new Capital Partners website and marketing suite in due course…

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