Get Morgan Freeman or Richard Branson to promote your business.

If you could employ anyone to sell your business, product or service – a spokesperson or advocate to represent and promote your brand – who would you choose? Because that’s what you can do with a strong brand voice (and the right copywriter).

OK, so you might not actually be able to employ Richard Branson or Morgan Freeman (the two people clients most often ask for when we start the conversation about choosing a brand voice).

However, you can imbue your marketing with some of Richard Branson’s positive energy and unaffected charisma.

Likewise, you can infuse your brand with some of Morgan Freeman’s authoritative tone and gravitas.

And in increasingly competitive dog-eat-dog global markets, where it’s harder than ever to differentiate your product or service on features and benefits alone, that can be the difference between success and the f-word.

I mean, all things being equal (and by ‘things’ I mean products, services and businesses), which brand would you choose? The brand that sounds like your kind of business, or the other one?

Want to find out more about the power of a strong brand voice? Read our article about feel-good copywriting for HIF, or talk to us and we’ll help you choose the right brand voice – believe it or not, it’s a strategic, not a subjective decision – and apply it across your branding and marketing.