Attracting the right talent for an Australian heavy-industry challenger brand.

Client: Epigroup

Situation: Based in Fremantle, just outside Perth, Epigroup is a business that’s evolving and innovating at a rate of knots, bringing a whole heap of game-changing solutions to Australia’s heavy industry sector.

And as you’d expect of a growing company, they’re looking for new, like-minded talent to extend and augment their team.

The only problem? Their recruitment ads weren’t really working. They were finding it difficult to attract candidates who want to get out there, shake things up and prove a point – candidates with the Epigroup mindset.

Deliverables: While employer marketing and branding is one of our pet specialties at Caboodle, writing good recruitment ads is really just the same as writing an ad for a product, service or business.

It isn’t about shouting about how great we are (and Epigroup is a great place to do your thing, whatever your thing is). It’s all about understanding who we’re talking to (the ideal candidate), what makes them tick (career-wise) and then giving them a reason to believe and act (apply for the job).

Result: Read for yourself.

“The ads have been awesome! We are attracting exactly the right talent and the feedback has been great. A lot of applicants go out of their way to mention the ad! Nice work, Caboodle.

”Rob Selman, General Manager at Episafe

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