Raising funds and driving life-changing, life-saving research in Perth.

Client: Charlies Foundation for Research

Situation: As the fundraising foundation behind the medical research conducted at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth, Charlies Foundation for Research has a long association with world-class medical innovation – breakthroughs that change and save lives across Australia and the world.

But while the foundation has a proud history, with loyal supporters and donors – many former patients of the hospital – the Charlies Foundation for Research brand looked and felt dated. Its website, in particular, was stale and in dire need of a refresh.

As part of a general push to lift the foundation’s fundraising, storytelling and donor communications game, executive director Vicki Rasmussen engaged our copywriters.

Deliverables: Working closely with the foundation’s small team in Perth, we embarked on a project to engage more effectively with donors and supporters, first through regular newsletters showcasing personal stories from patients and researchers, and then through a new website.

Our copywriters helped plan the new site and IA, before creating new content, adopting the conversational storytelling voice we’d developed while researching and writing the foundation’s new newsletters.

Result: The foundation’s new website is light years ahead of its previous incarnation, with pathways throughout the site that lead readers to engage at a deeper level with the foundation and the research projects at the hospital.

Donating and supporting are now front and centre, along with the foundation’s life-changing, life-saving work, providing a strong platform for the revitalised Charlies Foundation for Research brand to evolve.

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