Unscrambling nest eggs with Capital Partners.

Client: Capital Partners, Perth

Situation: Established in 1999 to provide a different kind of financial planning and wealth management advice, Capital Partners has always been a bit different. Good different.

From day one, the Capital Partners team has focused 100% on providing evidence-based, fee-based advice that’s designed around your values and life goals. Advice that changes your life for the better, free from the surreptitious commissions and vested interest that usually colour financial advice.

Trouble is, Capital Partners’ unique story and message was getting lost, most notably on their dated website, which really didn’t do their you-focused methodology justice. It was just a mish-mash of dated and muddled messaging.

Deliverables: Our friends at brand and digital agency BirdBrain asked our copywriters to rectify the situation, embarking on a mission to bring an Economist-esque brand voice to a new messaging suite, as part of a complete brand overhaul.

From there, we set about translating Capital Partners’ new messaging into compelling website copy, destined for an all-new website, along with a series of downloadable brochures.

Result: As you would expect from a BirdBrain website, the new Capital Partners website looks great, and the copy brings an extra layer of wit and engagement.

Click to check out our copywriters’ work on the Capital Partners website.

Click to check out our copywriters’ work on the Capital Partners website.

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