Tapping into a new market for Perth’s direct-to-trade plumbing experts.

Client: Ausplastics Trade.

Situation: Ausplastics has been operating as a plumbing supplies business for some time, but under a new management team the business was set to move on, bringing a new direct-to-trade business model to Australia from Ausplastics’ parent company in New Zealand.

A major overhaul of the Ausplastics website and messaging was required.

Deliverables: The team at Ausplastics engaged our copywriters to develop the new content for an all-new Ausplastics site, with a whole new brand story and business model underpinning a much more retail-focused website and online store. After researching a number of Perth-based copywriters, they chose Caboodle because they loved our web copywriting work for Saltus Built.

Kevin, our contact at Ausplastics, had already done a fair amount of work on the website and content, including developing a new virtual figurehead for the business – Steve the plumber. Our job was to take the draft content and craft it into a new story with a distinctive brand voice that would appeal to Australian tradies.

Result: The new Ausplastics Trade website is now live and Kevin and the team are very happy with their new online brand story and messaging.

Click to see the new Ausplastics Trade website (and our copywriters' work).

Click to see the new Ausplastics Trade website (and our copywriters' work).

“I highly recommend Paul from Caboodle for copywriting work. He took my jumbled-up ideas, understood what I was trying to do with them, and turned it into great, powerful copy. We will definitely be using Paul for future work.”
Kevin Scarlett, Ausplastics Trade, Perth

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