It's one of those 404 thingies.

We aren't here.

Well, just to clarify, the page you're looking for isn't here.


But rest assured, we're here.

Inasmuch as anybody's here.

Wherever here is.

I mean, does anyone really know they're here?

Or there?

I mean, really know?

I guess that's the question: where is 'here'?

Or what is it?

When is it?

How is it?

Is it?


Now I've made my brain hurt.

This is all getting a bit existential for 10.57am on a Thursday morning.

I haven't even had a coffee yet.

I need to stop thinking for a minute.

Take a deep breath.


Think about something else.

Puppies, perhaps.

Or monkeys. Monkeys are fun.

That's better.


Now where were we?

Oh, that's right.